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I am the 1%

“Learn like you were to live forever, live like you were to die tomorrow.” Ghandi They say only 1% of the population listens to self-help, motivational/inspirational speakers. I am in that 1%. It is even less who repeatedly listen and even more unusual to implement the teachings. I am exposing my eagerness to learn, to set myself apart. I own over 100 programs and have been learning this way for almost 10 years. What are leaders? The best organizations develop everyone into one. According to Dale Carnegie, “The hallmarks of leadership are: sincere interest in others, optimism, cheerfulness, creativity and the ability to overcome setbacks.” I will bring these qualities to your mission. My greatest skills are my passion to promote good causes, build and nurture contacts, and establish partnerships. I have exceptional skills to acquire, organize and apply fundraising, community involvement and implement outreach programs. I’m really successful at prospecting. My strongest personal attributes include integrity, compassion, self-discipline, perseverance, leadership and motivational skills. I believe in the power of relationships; I feel honored to be a connection with you. I’m hoping to find an opportunity in the “helping” fields. I need something part time with an environment of passion for learning and growing. I especially like to be in awe of my teammates. “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar


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