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Who do YOU know? Who knows YOU? We will make the connections for YOU. We can help YOU break through your marketing barriers!

"If you sell something, you can create a customer today, but if you help someone you can create a customer for life." - Jay Baer


We want to teach you how to know your customers better, and how to keep them at the center of your business plan. Our goal is to give you the initial push to learn and build lasting relationships with your customers. When building a relationship, you start by having genuine interest in your customers lives. 




With event marketing we like each event to serve a dual purpose. 


With content marketing it needs to educate and help; you need to show interest in other peoples' material. Social media cannot be one-sided.


How is your company contributing to the greater good of society? How can you partner with others? This is community outreach.

Focus and be intentional on who your target market is.
We have taken bland fundraisers and turned them into cross generational community events that are educational, entertaining, and engaging. We call this the 3 eee's at People Centered Marketing.
We teach each business how to have a gratitude program.



Stacey did a great deal of research on our company prior to meeting with us. She was ready to start working at our first session. She brought creative, "out of the box" ideas every time we met. 

Corey Dykmann, Lead Agent

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